Whitecaps Prove Doubters Wrong

October 14, 2009 at 12:55 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 2 Comments

I came back from Italy yesterday.  I left the day before the second leg of the quarter finals against the Carolina Railhawks.  I thought it was safe to leave town on my trip to Italy.  I thought the Whitecaps, who have been so inconsistent and mediocre all year, would not get very far in the Playoffs.  I thought that this season was a poor and disappointing one.  The Whitecaps would surely stumble and fall.  I thought that if they were lucky enough to get past the Railhawks, they would lose against their next opponent.

I had made the remark that Jay Nolly had better be ready for the second leg of the quarter finals, and it turns out he was.  He stopped a penalty and got a clean sheet to get the Caps though to the semi-final.

Imagine my surprise when I received an e-mail from my dad who told me the Caps had won the first leg against Portland 2-1.  I though we would be eaten alive in the second leg in Portland.  It turned out to be a classic 3-3 draw giving the Whitecaps the win in overall goals.  I watched the hi-lights in astonishment from my hotel in Rome.  Was it the most exciting game ever in the history of the USL?  It sure looked like it, and what a heroic performance it was!    The Whitecaps were through to the final.  Even if we were leaking goals at an alarming rate, we were scoring them at an even greater rate.

The First leg of the USL-1 final saw us leak 3 more goals.  Inspirational Captain Nash was sent off.  I was in London at the time and only found out the score yesterday.  Amazingly, we managed to score two goals with only ten men on the pitch.  Marlon James should really have equalized but blew a golden opportunity deep into injury time.

We are still in it however, with a chance to win it all on Saturday in Montreal.  I will have to be more careful about taking off on vacation feeling confidant the team will fail.  I suppose the Whitecaps are owed an apology by yours truly…  I am sorry!

What a truly bizarre year!



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  1. Great to have you back. My notes from the match:

    1. Nash was anything but inspirational while he was on the pitch. He barely ran, his passing was shoddy, and he wasn’t particularly defensive. With Versailles on as the DM, Nash should have been venturing forward but he didn’t seem to have the energy for it. His sending off may have been the best thing that happened to the ‘Caps. Too bad we didn’t have Chin on the bench to give the team some energy. The first half was one of the most lifeless I’ve seen the ‘Caps play ever.

    2. Nolly at times played an inspired game. He maybe should have had the second goal, but the D was mostly to blame for that one. He kept out a couple of sure-fire goals, and I thought he was fouled on the third goal, though no one on the team complained.

    3. Haber has proven his worth in spades. A brilliant solo effort to drag us back into the match when it was looking pretty glum. He had James open on his right but his decision to go it alone paid off.

    4. Khalfan doesn’t cut it. He didn’t create, he wasn’t a threat, he never pushed their D back. We missed Toure, big time.

    5. We can score goals when we need to.

    6. We sure give up a lot of goals sometimes.

    7. We have a real chance on Saturday, but it’s an uphill climb. I’ll be happy with a loss, considering our position in the regular season.

    • Thanks Brenton for your analysis. I tend to like to have Nash in the team for his leadership even if his skills are not that fine. He makes the right decisions the majority if the time and provides a formidable presence in midfield because of his size. His passing is generally good. Our midfield looked a bit empty and characterless when Nash was injured towards the end of the season. Apparently the plan is to play Pozniak in Mid. We had better pray it works and he plays a blinder, because if he doesn’t our ship will be sunk.

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