Nash’s Sending Off

October 14, 2009 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 4 Comments

Was it fair?  I have seen the video several times.  The sending off was fair.  What was not fair was that Nash was clearly fouled  by Brown when Brown took the ball off of him moments before Nash’s tackle.   What is worse, the ref was standing right there and did not make the call.  I think Nash got angry with this and decided to take his revenge.  Nash is a proud fellow who does not like to lose the ball.  His sense of frustration at being fouled and having the ball taken off of him gave him the red mist, and he leaped into his tackle on Brown with a vengeance. Had the referee called it right, the Whitecaps should have been given a free kick because of Brown’s foul on Nash.  This would have prevented the whole ugly incident from occurring.   That is the role of the ref: to call the game fairly so that tempers don’t flare because of injustice in the officiating.

In any event, I feel for Marty because he deserves to play in the final after all of his faithful work this season. While the rest of the team has at times been in chaos this season, Marty has stood firm like a rock as a captain should.  We will miss him come the second leg on Saturday.



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  1. You’ve got it exactly right. It should never have got to that point. After we cooled off, we all agreed that the red card to Nash was fair, but that the ref had no business letting play go after the initial foul on Nash. All in all the ref had a pretty bad game, letting some bad fouls go and calling some odd ones, on both teams.

  2. that ref is horrible regardless of that one call. the past couple games i remember her were games that got way out of hand b/c of the way she called it. brutal. can’t believe she got the final and the at least one of the nurtilite games.

  3. Well its over. Im not going to say Montreal was not the better team however we will never know what kind of final we could have had if the refs would have been up to the challenge of a final. We have the Chenard debacle in vancouver and today a thin-skinned ref who red-cards a player in the final for mouthing off. In any event the whitecaps scored 3 goals all with 10 men, Montreal scored only one with Vancouver at full strength. (Vancouver played over 100 minutes at 10 men).

    The fact that in all three series this year Montreal’s opponent were down to 10 men (rochester, puerto rico, vancouver) at least one game in each series makes you wonder (maybe Kerfoot should sponsor half the league like Joey Saputo does).

    Anyhow great run in the playoffs by the whitecaps and bravo

  4. Bad reffing in both games. Pejic may have said something horrible, who knows. And the pressure we were under created the situation. Montreal certainly created more chances this game, but it’s so hard to guess what may have been without the cards and injuries.

    I said I would be happy even with a loss, and I’m happy with the overall season and the performances of many of our players, but it’s a bit of a shite way to lose.

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