Vancouver Whitecaps 1 Carolina Railhawks 0

September 25, 2009 at 9:57 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 1 Comment

Well, that proves it.  As soon as you say someone can’t score, they go and prove you wrong.   A few posts ago I said that Edwini-Bonsu was incapable of scoring.  Then he potted a very important goal for the Caps last night.  It was a goal which shows just how simple a game footy can be.  Keeper Jay Nolly booted the ball far up field from a dead ball, Marlon James challenged and won it, putting it down for Edwini-Bonsu to score his first goal of the season for the Whitecaps.   Edwini-Bonsu showed great anticipation and speed while the Carolina defenders got caught off balance.  EB ran parallel with the defenders, won the ball, took it around the keeper and slotted home.  Nice finish!

It was a tight quarter final match, as expected.  But for their one defensive lapse, Carolina looked very strong indeed.  Their composure and shape was very convincing, and it is clear why they tied Portland for the USL-1’s best goals against record.   They also looked pretty sharp up front, but they never really tested Nolly too harshly.   It was clear what Carolina wanted to do: soak up the pressure and frustrate the Whitecaps.  Until EB had his burst of speed to score in the 77th minute, all was going according to plan.   They had hoped to come away with a 0-0 tie, or perhaps a 0-1 win from a counter-attack.   Now the roles will be reversed.  The Railhawks will have to rejig their plan and attack the Whitecaps to draw level.  I hope that we can score on the counter-attack and make it 2-0, because I believe Carolina has at least one goal in them.

Carolina is a team which can score, so we can’t expect to win with only one goal scored on our side.  Edwini Bonsu was the hero last night but we will need more heroics to win on Saturday.   Jay Nolly, are you ready?

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  1. A goalless draw saw Vancouver through to the semi-finals, where they’ll meet Portland, the regular-season champs. A tough tie; Vancouver will be hoping that Portland’s form continues (they lost two of three to end the season, I think).

    Apparently Edwini-Bonsu almost scored again. Kudos to Vancouver for keeping a clean sheet.

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