Vancouver Whitecaps 2 Cleveland City Stars 1

September 21, 2009 at 5:28 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 3 Comments

A win against a bottom-dweller team which made its franchise debut this year.  While we are happy to see a win, it was by no means a convincing one, and we conceded another bad goal. This time the responsibility was Mason Trafford’s.  He failed to deal with a ball that was clearly his and let striker Bangura creep up behind him and score.  I suppose Trafford was giving Pejic a rest before the playoffs, but we have been conceding goals like this all year because our centre backs have not been sharp enough.

Gbeke continued his fine form up front, potting yet another one.  Marlon James put away a penalty kick which will whet his appetite for the playoffs.  Edwini-Bonsu somehow managed to screw up a late game opportunity when he was clear through on goal with only the keeper to beat.  We are all cheering for the lad, but I don’t believe he has a goal all season, though he has not played that much.  His stats show him playing for only 109 minutes. His talent lies not so much in scoring goals, but in finding incredible ways not to score when he has golden opportunities in front of goal.   I hope that this criticism works because whenever I moan about a player not scoring, he usually scores immediately afterwards.

Teitur was clearly resting players and using his resources wisely to save them for the playoffs.  I am sure we will see Martin Nash back in action, and Pejic back on centre defence with Pozniak come thursday.  Justin Moose also came on to play some minutes later in the second half which is a positive development.  He is an inspirational player, and if we can get Justin going we have a shot to go far in the playoffs.

The result left us in seventh with a series of matches against Carolina.  I am just glad we don’t have Puerto Rico again, because the trip is brutal.  A trip to Cary NC is not so bad, and if we win the first leg the Railhawks are in trouble…



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  1. The goal we gave up was a group effort, beginning with Martin. I was right there on the sideline, and he jogged out of a tackle after missing a pass. It was lazy and summed up his night, I thought. I also thought Nolly could have done better. He didn’t come out at all to cut off the angle, though I suppose he thought Trafford was going to deal with it competently, which he didn’t.

    Fun game, though, and nice to end the home season with a win. Haber impressed, as did Knight. Gbeke was his usual self.

  2. Thanks Brenton. I find that guys who performed brilliantly last year, like lyle Martin, seem a bit indifferent this year. Perhaps it is injury problems. I find that Gage has also gone off the boil too. He played brilliantly in the semis and in the final but has struggled to find form. These were the guys who were supposed to fill in for the likes of Clarke and Kindel… It just hasn’t happened.

    • Just read in the Province that Teitur is disturbed by the lack of tough tackling. I imagine Martin pulling out of the tackle leading to the Cleveland goal had something to do with it. Hopefully they’ll prove tougher at the back tonight.

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