Whitecaps 2-Austin 1

September 14, 2009 at 5:32 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 5 Comments

This was a poor match which lit up in the last 10 minutes or so.   Since the Caps had already made the playoffs, there was not a lot of tension about the game.  Thordarson rested key player Martin Nash and let Gordon Chin boss the midfield.   Chin played very well, but the ball was not distributed as well as when Nash plays.   For a guy who was a late addition to the squad, Chin has played really well and it is nice to see him playing his best football. He finally got the goal he richly deserved tonight  and it turned out to be the winner.   He did this right after he missed a chance and I remarked to my dad that I didn’t think he would ever score a goal!

Our defence was very leaky, especially in the second half.  We brought Reda on at half time and we immediately gave a way three break aways to Austin, one of which they use to  score.     We were down and out until Austin had their star  Noel-Williams sent off in the 77th minute for a nasty studs up tackle on Versailles.    The pressure was on the tired Austin team.

We took advantage when big Haber headed in a high cross from Chin in the 80th minute.   It was a good thing because up to this point the game had been a dead loss from a fan’s point of view.    Five minutes later Chin was fed the ball heading from right to left in front of goal.  He unleashed a an absolute cannon shot which hit the bar and bounced down into the net.

Overall it was a bit of a poor match by the Whitecaps.  We are not looking at all convincing, especially at the back.   It appears Pejic is our man because the Caps gave up a lot of chances once Reda came in to the centre of defence.


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  1. Terrible defending after the break, but to be fair to Reda, there were a few breakaways before he was brought on as well. Nice to see a comeback win rather than squandering a lead.

  2. Reda got worked like a speed bag in his forty-five minutes. It was pretty ugly: the problem was that when the Caps offside trap broke down he didn’t have the pace to get back and defend against the counter.

  3. We miss Wesley Charles. I ran into hom on broadway last week walking with his walkman and to summarize the conversation he stated “There are alot of new guys who see this year and next as a training camp for the MLS. For me , we won last year and the fans expect us to win it again. I had a hard time dealing with this training camp attitude. The last guy i has an issue with (Park) wasnt even planning to stay with us… i got mad but i should have held my temper”

    To be honest i have to respect that.


  4. Fair enough (re: Reda), but it didn’t look like the offside trap was working before the break either, and no one was getting back then either.

    Our defence is suspect, to say the least. Pejic has quieted things down, but we’ve still been leaking goals, especially late in games. It doesn’t bode well for the play-offs.

  5. Hello all together,

    I’m from Germany and was at Swangard Stadium last Sunday, too. If you are interested: You can see some photos and read my report (in German, of course…) on http://www.baedw.de (and then “Alle Spiele”).

    Best regards from Mönchengladbach,

    Erik Roos

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