Danny Dichio Retires

September 11, 2009 at 4:38 am | Posted in General Football | Leave a comment

Toronto Football Club striker Danny Dichio announced his retirement from football yesterday at the age of 35.  In my view his timing was right.  If you get to play up front past the age of 30, you have done well.   Strikers over the age of 30 usually come in off of the bench for a half hour or so only.

In terms of his technical skills, Danny was no soccer god.  What made him a good player is his character, which is impeccable.   He was a classic English center forward.  He was as slow as an ox, but could shield the ball with his big body and could head the high balls into the net.  To his credit, he got to play in Italy with Sampdoria and Lecce on top of a number of good English sides, notably QPR and Millwall.

As a player he will be remembered in Canada for scoring the first goal for TFC.  I saw the game live on the tele and it was a great moment, the stuff that club legends are made of.   TFC had lost their first four games and had not scored a goal.  Dicchio scored for TFC in the 24th minute.   The fans pelted the field with TFC seat cushions they had been given at the gate.   The game had to be stopped to clean them all up.   It was an explosion of joy and wonderful to see.  He then was later sent off for a confrontation in the goalmouth, unjustly in my view.

In any event, Danny’s reputation in the Canadian soccer world is assured at the status of a legend.  He has even taken Canadian citizenship!  One of the reasons we love footy is to enjoy watching great characters like him.   Some say he was dropped to make room for De Guzman.  Personally, I don’t think his injuries could recover fast enough between games, especially playing on that godawful fieldturf.

Cheers Danny, thanks for the great memories and all the best to you in your new coaching role at TFC.


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