Whitecaps Lose to the Impact…Again

September 10, 2009 at 5:18 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | Leave a comment

After all of my indignation concerning Montreal’s capitulation to Toronto FC in The Canadian Championship, I have been longing for the Whitecaps to give the Montreal Impact a well deserved thrashing to pay them back: (https://whitecapsfan.wordpress.com/2009/06/19/montreal-capitulates-whitecaps-out/ ).  Sadly, my hopes have been dashed. We have lost all three USL-1 League games to them this season, including tonight’s 0-1 loss. We did beat them twice in the Canadian Championship, but what good did that do us?

The Montreal Impact and the Vancouver Whitecaps have a kind of sibling rivalry with one another.  They are two ambitious Canadian teams who hold great promise for the (MLS) future.   I have always measured our success with how we are doing in comparison to the Impact.   When the Impact got Stade Saputo while our Waterfront Stadium proposal floundered, I was jealous.   I am still jealous of the fact they pack in more fans than we can.  I have had admiration for the sophisticated and technical style of football they play, which reminds me of watching Italian football: strong and smart in defence and deadly in the counter attack.   For years we struggled to beat them.  When we were better, or equal to them, we could win the Championship, as we showed in 2006 and 2008.

It hurts to lose to the Impact.   There have been many frustrations this year in a strange season but losing all three games to the Impact is too much to bear.   To lose in injury time to Saputo’s bunch must have left our lads with their heads hanging low.

We are still not safe for a playoff spot, but all we need is a win in one of our last two games against the bottom dwellers Cleveland and Austin.  We will need to rely on Rochester to screw up in order to secure sixth.  Don’t count on it…  It looks like we are destined to finish in seventh place, with our opponents likely being Puerto Rico Islanders, who currently sit  second.  Another nightmare road trip which won’t please either team! If this is the matchup, look for the Islanders to play the first game at home to make the Caps do the huge trip twice…


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