Whitecaps Destiny Lies in Own Stadium

August 31, 2009 at 5:38 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 5 Comments

Our drive to get our own Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium in Vancouver was derailed by a dithering Vancouver City Council and by inflexible Federal bureaucrats smothering us in red tape.  Trying to get something done through the politically correct Vancouver politicians is maddeningly difficult.  Vancouver is a true West Coast Flakedom where a gift horse is not only looked in the mouth, but flogged as well.   Vancouver CIty Hall is nothing more than a church of Jane Jacobs.

Now the roof for BC Place, which effectively secured us an MLS franchise, seems threatened.  For me this was always a stop-gap solution in any event.   This is what happens when a sports team is beholden to the good graces of others.  The Whitecaps must be independent.  They must own their own stadium on their own land.   Furthermore, the stadium must have natural grass in it so that proper football can be played.  The five year plan at BC Place would see us playing on field turf, which is my view is anathema to proper football.

I have faith that we will see through these difficult times.  Building sports teams is a long term matter which goes beyond boom and bust.  I have faith in our ownership to take us through this crisis.  We will get through it, and eventually we will play in our own stadium.

I suspect the BC place roof project will have to be refinanced and restructured with the BC government looking to others both private and public, to help renew this piece of BC infrastructure.  BC place hosted the Pope, the Queen, and is a part of our history.  It badly needs a new roof.

In any event, lets solve this short-term problem, and ultimately get beyond this and look to the real dream: a soccer specific stadium, owned by the Whitecaps, with a natural grass pitch,  holding 30,000 fans.



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  1. Not sure how Vancouver City Council did much to squash the Gastown stadium. It’s federal port land, isn’t it?

  2. I received an email from NDP MLA Michael Sather, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows, after I emailed him to remind him that I’ll never vote for them due to them being opposed to the roof, and he told me that the roof will indeed be scrapped by Campbell.

    Goodbye MLS.


    Campbell is going to scrap the new roof on BC Place.

    Michael Sather, MLA
    Maple Ridge – Pitt Meadows


  3. The NDP were never going to scrap the roof. That was just some major overreaction on the part of a few footie fans. If you want details I’ve got them. What they would have done now is anyone’s guess, given the budget situation.

  4. No…it wasn’t an overeaction. Many of us woke up one morning to find NDP Banner ads slapped across major soccer websites like the Voyageurs and the Southsiders. They slammed the cost of the stadium roof and soccer in general. They backed down when they saw there was going to be massive backlash against them.

    Good on them for changing their mind…but to portray this as anything other than the NDP’s fault is purely a feeble attempt at revisionist history.

    • Soccer in general? That’s ridiculous. Who would slam a sport and why? I would love to see quotes or the text of an ad that slams soccer in general.

      The banner ads were a huge mistake, I agree.

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