Roof Crisis Hits Caps

August 28, 2009 at 4:27 am | Posted in Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium | Leave a comment

The Great Recession has sat down upon the Vancouver Whitecaps.  The temporary solution to the Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium logjam was the new BC Place roof which charmed the MLS to such an extent that they gave us a franchise.  Whereas the Whitecaps Stadium proposal was to be paid for by the Whitecaps alone, the BC Place roof renewal was a BC Government funded project.   BC Government revenues have been hit hard by a loss of sales from our resource-based economy as the world’s economy has been grinding to a halt.  Consequently we have gone from the rich house to the poor house in less than a year.

The government is looking to cut, and the roof looks vulnerable.  Where to cut is a political problem, and I am sure that the Liberals will fear the roof becoming a political symbol of indifference as other services are cut.  I hope that cooler heads will prevail and the government will not cut the roof.  I fail to see how letting BC Place crumble as a facility is good for Vancouver and British Columbia.  BC Place is a symbol of the province, after all. This recession will not last forever, and some sectors are already recovering.   BC Place needs a new roof as the embarrassing events of a couple of years ago demonstrated when a storm blew a hole in the roof.

Lets hope the politicians don’t sell out the bright future that is there for the taking for soccer in Vancouver and British Columbia.  Even in hard times there is a need to invest in the future, and the Government should not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory where the Vancouver Whitecaps are concerned.

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