Gbeke Brace Sinks Miami

August 24, 2009 at 4:54 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 2 Comments

It was a beautiful day for a footy match.   The sun was shining, but the pitch was bit heavy. Someone must have left the sprinklers on by mistake because it was a bit boggy in the Southside.

I suppose I owe an apology to Charles Gbeke, because I was just moaning about him and Haber not scoring goals consistently, and lo and behold he scores two.

It was looking like a frustrating afternoon and I was just complaining to Chris Cole that these Sunday afternoon games are always a bore when Gbeke scored a beautiful goal, reminiscent of his first goal in the final last year. Gordon Chin put in a lovely hard-driven ball to the right of the penalty spot in the 80th minute.  Miami’s keeper saw that Gbeke was going to win it and came out to set up for the shot.  Gbeke saw this and looped the ball over his head into the far corner with a header that could not be more perfect.   It dropped just under the bar into the net.    An absolute beauty.

Gbeke scored again in the 90th after some hard work by the lightening quick Edwini-Bonsu.   With is hard work and his speed I am wondering if it is time to try him from the start.    His pass to Gbeke from the left flank was perfect and Gbeke cooly slotted the ball home with three Miami players converging on him.

It is great for our centre backs to keep a clean sheet.  Perhaps we have found our middle pairing in Pejic and Pozniak.   To be honest, I still don’t think either is a good as Wesley Charles.  But anyway, why complain when we kept a clean sheet?

Poor Miami had to play last night before in a 1-3 loss to Portland.  It is a seven hour trip up here which they had to do overnight.    They gave a good account of themselves, and tested Jay Nolly on several occasions.   It is no surprise that we scored in the later stages of the game when Miami must have been very tired indeed.  Finally the USL -1 schedule worked in our favour!

We now sit seventh with a six point cushion over Miami, who have one game in hand.   We are now snapping at the heels of Montreal and Rochester.  We could still finish fifth, which is realistically all that we can hope for.   In any event, this will be a positive boost for the team and will give us some self-confidence in the run to the playoffs.    If only we could now have that one thing that we have lacked all season…consistency.



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  1. Brilliant game, brilliant day out. We were nervous heading into the final 20 minutes with Miami pressing, so Gbeke’s header came as a relief. Like you, I was complaining about Gbeke to a friend before he scored. He and Haber don’t seem to run for each other. Too many flicked-on headers to no one.

    Chin changed the game for Vancouver, I thought, replacing the largely ineffective Nash. He’s been a revelation this season, and it would have been nice for him to get a goal, but full credit to Miami’s keeper who rushed out a few times to stop shots. Great ball in from Haber to Chin on his chance.

    All in all, an exciting and satisfying win that goes a long way to securing a play-off spot.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Brenton-you are right, it was a lovely day out!

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