Steven Gerrard Lets Himself Down By Fighting Affray Charge

July 23, 2009 at 5:13 am | Posted in General Football | Leave a comment

The CCTV footage has come out of Gerrard thrashing bar staff while celebrating Liverpool’s 5-1 victory over Newcastle.  He faces the charge of affray in England.

Gerrard is a fantastic footballer, a player whose physique and character make him one of the worlds top players that any team would love to have in their starting eleven.

After seeing the footage it is clear that Gerrard, who is a fantastically fit footballer, had nothing to fear from the bar staff.  It sadly looks as though he is hoping his star status will so impress the jury that he will be acqutitted.  What he should have done is plead guilty.  I recognize it is his right to fight the charge, but it is clear as day from the footage that he had nothing to fear from the man, who had just suffered an elbow in the face from one of Gerrard’s own posse.  And what was it about?  Gerrard wanted the controls to the music.   It is a case of a person whose head is so big that he believes he has the right to hit the common man without consequence.

Remember it is the common man who pays for your salary through ticket sales and television subscriptions, Stevie Wonder!

Everyone is entitled to make a mistake.  Professional footballers play the game on the very brink of violence and sometimes it is tough to turn that off.  In my view Gerrard should have admitted guilt and paid the price.  By doing so he would have shown he was a good man with character, rather than hoping a star struck jury will let him walk away from this disgraceful incident without consequence.


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