Beckham Boo-Birds Good for MLS

July 21, 2009 at 3:57 am | Posted in General Football, Vancouver Whitecaps | Leave a comment

David Beckham was booed by a considerable chunk of LA Galaxy fans during his first home game since his loan spell with Milan.  Beck’s dream move to Milan on a loan cost LA Galaxy fans his services for half a season.  I hate to see such a consummate professional as Beckham getting boos, but if fans pay money to watch football they deserve to speak their mind as they wish.   There is no doubt that Beckham’s peculiar arrangements and half-presence in LA will anger the ultra who is committed to the team.  Becks was wrong to go over and confront the boo-birds.  You must speak with your feet David, and shut them up with football deeds rather than by trading insults with them.

While some might see this as more of the “Beckham Experiment” gone wrong, it is actually good for the MLS to have this kind of controversy because it attracts attention beyond what would usually be paid to the MLS.  It also generates a great storyline: will Beckham be able to triumph and shut up the doubters?   The sports press will be paying a great deal of attention and the question is, will Beckham rise to the challenge or will he crawl back to Europe before the end of the MLS season?

Beckham has responded in the past to this kind of thing.  In 1998 he was sent off in the World Cup quarter final against Argentina and he was torn apart by fans all over England for it.  His character was such that he did not let it get him down.  I hope he will respond well to this challenge as he did then.  I think it will take an MLS championship to shut up the doubters now.

The stakes are very high for Beckham.  One bad injury and he will be out of the reckoning for the 2010 World Cup.  He will have to play on the plastic surfaces in places like Seattle, Toronto and New York, surfaces which are very hard indeed on the body and can directly contribute to injuries.   You will notice that European Teams refuse to play on the stuff, and demand real grass when they show up.  If he picks up a bad injury his chances of a Milan loan return will be gone.

All of this adds up to a lot of stress for Becks.  It will be hard but I hope he triumphs as he has in the past.  Come on David, show ’em what you are made of!

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