Beckham Committed?

July 19, 2009 at 2:17 am | Posted in General Football | Leave a comment

Yes he is.  To playing in the 2010 World Cup.    And who can blame him?  When Beckham made his deal with the LA Galaxy he was out of the England reckoning due to a huge blunder by then England coach Steve  McLaren.  Becks still wanted to play, but thought he was out of it.  Then Capello became England coach.  Even though he fought with Beckham and benched him, Capello used Beckham in Real Madrid’s march to the La Liga title and gave Beckham credit for being key in that run.    Capello saw Beckham’s quality and character.   Once Capello became England manager, Beckham was back in provided he was fit and playing first team football.  The MLS season has a long layoff and sits idle while the big leagues play in Europe.  Beckham was not in the reckoning for England while he sat on his hands.

A loan to Milan became available and Beck took it with glee, surprised to find one of the top clubs in the World wanted him.  He went there and impressed.   After the rigours of the European season, he wanted a break and will join the Galaxy this weekend in his return.

Galaxy captain Landon Donovan went and blabbed to the press about Beckham not being committed, which was a big mistake in my view.  It was immature for a professional to do this, because no player should hang the team’s dirty laundry out to dry in public.   Someone like Donovan, who has had some modest success in the game, has no place lecturing David Beckham, who has had an enormous amount of success.  There is no doubt that Donovan has great ability, but he showed why a lot of people doubt his character.  Beckham is a huge benefit to the MLS as a player and for his image.   With Donovan spouting off like this I would not blame Beckham for chucking it all in.   I hope Beckham sticks around and then goes back to Milan on loan to continue where he left off.   I also hope  he gets a place in England’s World Cup team, which he richly deserves for being a great professional.

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