The “Miracle” In Montreal

June 20, 2009 at 5:19 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 2 Comments

I could not believe my eyes when I read CBC sports on the internet this morning.  They called yesterday’s match the “Miracle in Montreal”.  The source was Canadian Press (CP).  What rubbish!!!  This demonstrates how the CBC fawns over TFC, whose matches CBC televise.  I suppose it makes sense to talk up the team that you show on telly.  What happened was not a miracle, but a mundane inevitability with the poor team Montreal put out.

I have heard that the Montreal Ultras plan a protest over the poor performance of their team for tomorrow’s match with Vancouver.   I am glad to see they are not going to let their team get away with this kind of nonsense.   Not that it is my team, but why has the coach not been fired?  The rivalry between Montreal and Toronto is intense. Would the Montreal Canadians put out a weak team against the Maple Leafs?  Rocket Richard would get out of his grave and thrash the people responsible.  The fans of the Montreal Impact deserve better, and Canadian football fans deserve better.

Even when we were eliminated from the Canadian Championship last year we played TFC and tied them on our own pitch 2-2.  We put out our best team and played an honest match with pride.    It meant something to the Vancouver Whitecaps because we wanted to show that we were as good as MLS.  It turns out we are better, because we beat TFC over two legs 3-2 last year and 2-1 this year.   The Whitecaps gave their all last year and this year and I am proud of my team’s efforts in the Canadian Championship.

In my view the organizers of the tournament need to look at this issue for the good of the Canadian Championship.  A fourth team, perhaps the champions from the Canadian Soccer League should be allowed to enter, with a semi-final/ final format so that the two teams remaining have to play in a home and away final to see who the Canadian entry is.

In any event, there is no dispute that TFC is the Canadian representative for the CONCACAF Champions League.  It is not their fault that they took full advantage of the situation, as any team would.   I wish them the best in their quest to make Canadian soccer fans proud.  I hope they take the game in this country forward and raise its profile because that is what is the best for all of us.

As for Montreal, we will see you on the pitch tomorrow!  Come on Whitecaps, lets show them how a team with pride plays!



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