Montreal Capitulates, Whitecaps Out, TFC Through

June 19, 2009 at 3:54 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 6 Comments

Tonight the Vancouver Whitecaps earned the dubious distinction of being the only Canadian soccer team never to win the Nutrilite Canadian Championship.  Thanks to a pathetic effort by the Montreal Impact, who put a miserable Serge Djekanvovic in goal to let in practically everything TFC threw at net, TFC are the winners of the Voyageur’s Cup.   Djekanovic’s play was very poor tonight.  Four out of six goals came as a result of poor goalkeeping.  I can say that it is my strong belief that if Matt Jordan was in goal we would be celebrating in Vancouver right now.

Someone needs to teach the Montreal Impact a lesson about pride.  Putting out a weak side to put up a poor effort in front of your own fans in your own park is  simply pathetic.  I must say the Impact is a shadow of its former self.  This is a team which was virtually unbeatable three years ago.  That was a team that played with pride. There has been a loss of pride and fight in that organization, perhaps as a result of their similar capitulations with Santos Laguna and their MLS bid.

The fact is that there is no way that TFC have the talent to be scoring six goals.  This is completely out of character for them.  Only a capitulation by Montreal could make that happen.  Joey Saputo, you can not be proud tonight.  Montreal Impact, shame on you!

Poor Teitur Thordarson cut a forlorn figure in the driving rain watching the dream of CONCACAF Champion’s League play slip through his grasp.  The Whitecaps really had hoped to put the Gbeke-Charles fight behind them with some good news, but it just turned out to be more bad news.   All in all it has been a rather trying year.  Mind you, part of the footy game is getting kicked in the teeth now and then.  It is all about character now, and we will see if the Whitecaps can now play to their potential and compete for a USL-1 title.

From now on, the Montreal Impact should be our sworn enemy.   Any sympathy I felt for them is now gone after that shameful effort.  We should thump them on Saturday night.



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  1. Congratulations to Toronto FC – the fact that the Impact pulled such a disgraceful stunt is not Toronto’s fault and I hope they represent Canada well in the Champions League.

    As for the Impact… yes, they should now be our sworn enemy. They owe an apology to their own supporters, to the Whitecaps, and to anyone in this country who values soccer played with integrity.

    Let’s crush the Impact this weekend.

  2. Your anger is misplaced – instead of hanging the hopes of the team on the performance of another team, perhaps the Whitecaps could have been in a position to earn it themselves. If they were worthy, it shouldn’t come down to worrying about another match’s outcome. This has become a tradition in Vancouver sports, sadly.

  3. Hi,
    First, sorry for my poor english,

    As an Impact fan, i take some times to write here. I’m so sorry for the Whitecaps. You deserve to be the Team to represent Canada in the Champions League.
    I’m not pround at all of my team. They took this game like it was a friendly game only. It wasnt.
    We deserve no respect at all by the way we play. Our coach deserve to be out of Montreal right now…
    We just showed no respect…

    Yep, our team deserve to learn what is pride…

    Sorry, sincerely,

    An Impact fan…

  4. To the blog writer: Sheesh, you guys make a fine Okanagan whine. Would you like some fancy cheese from Quebec with that?

    Seriously, respect to the other comments above. Team selection for Montreal was suspect. However, they DO have a ton of injuries, Eddie Sebrango is out of the country due to a death in the family, and they DO play the Whitecaps 40 hours after this game. Montreal did sub in three more top players as the game started going really bad for them. At least as much fault should go to the scheduling. Whitecaps officials mentioned that they put their best team out last year to tie Toronto and save the cup for Montreal — but were they also facing the same Montreal team in less than two days for an important league game? I don’t think Vancouver was planning to give Montreal any breaks on Saturday if they had suffered even more injuries to their starters last night.

    Saying “there is no way that TFC have the talent to be scoring six goals” is really over the top. Five were scored by DeRo & Guevara, who have shown many times in their careers that they can come through in clutch situations.

    Let’s try to get over this. Yes, I’m a TFC fan. But last year, after a few weeks of nursing the pain, I was happy to cheer for the Impact throughout their Cinderella run. There’s always next year, may the best team win. And yes, I think it would be good to change the Cup format. Maybe let more teams (CSL) in at first, and have at least one final between the two top teams.

  5. Folks, just to add:

    – Remember, in 2008, Montreal NEVER beat Toronto, but won the cup anyway. That was also pretty hard to swallow.

    – There’s always luck as well, good and bad. There were plenty of tight situations at both ends of the field last night, that could easily have gone either way. At least a few of the Montreal players put in a great effort and had quality chances. I doubt Montreal could have won in any case, but the result could have been tighter & put Vancouver through. Why should TFC always have the bad luck?

  6. I expect Vancouver to make sure a few of the Impact players that didn’t want to show up last night can’t show up for the rest of the season either.

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