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June 17, 2009 at 4:46 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps | Leave a comment

TheKrammerhead has done us all a favour by posting hi-lites old Vancouver 86er’s games on YouTube.  I must say, I never really got that excited by the name “86ers”, and I always pined for the team to take the Whitecaps name back.   That being said, I had a great time supporting the team after my return from Ontario back in 1997.

The era of Titus, King, Sulentic, Tilley, Shephard, Valente, Sandhu, Kindel, Holness, Jordan etc. was a lot of fun.  At that time, some of the teams that came into town were absolutely dreadful,  and if you look at the Tennessee Rhythm game posted by TheKrammerhead you will see how easy it was for Darren Tilley to knock in one goal after another.   The league was really mixed with some teams being very good and some being abominably poor.  We always had a good team but never won the A-League title.

There are no easy games in USL-1 today and the standard of play has improved considerably since the days of the A-League.  One thing that has improved is the fitness of the players.  Some real fatties used to show up and chug around on the pitch back in the old days.

It was also good to see players I used to play and practice with as a lad in the 1989 videos.  Jim Easton, John Catliff, David Norman, and the funniest man ever to play football, goalkeeper Sven Haberman.   Sven’s pranks and pratfalls in the dressing room were some of the most hilarious things I have seen in my life…

Cheers to TheKrammerhead!


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