My Nephew’s Take on Trouncing TFC

June 5, 2009 at 2:10 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 2 Comments

My 11 year old nephew Caleb is quite a soccer enthusiast.  He plays for Grandview Legion and in Britannia micro-footie. He and his dad have season tickies to the ‘Caps. I have been bugging him for some time now to write something for my blog.  Finally he has come up with something. He has agreed to have me publish an article he wrote for his school paper.  Here is his report on the Whitecaps victory over TFC:

Be where the wrath of the err…

Homeless Liberian kid.



No one expected that a former homeless kid from Liberia would score two goals to help the Vancouver Whitecaps who finished bottom of the neutralitie Canadian cup last year on to victory. Never the less on June 2nd 2009 that is what happened. Ansu Toure who faced death many times in his home country as a child (and a few as an adult for missing the net so much) scored twice on  6 foot 6 Toronto F.C goalkeeper Greg Sutton to put the whitecaps over the top.  In the 31st minute Wes Knight’s cross shot was punched out by Sutton only to have it land at the feet of Toure who slotted home his first goal as a Whitecap.  In the 41st minute Dwayne De Rosario (De Ro) T.F.C.’s star player beet Wesley Charles and lobbed the ball over Cap’s Keeper Jay Nolly only to have his shot cleared of the goal line by Lyle Martin.  On the stroke of the Halftime T.F.C. striker Pablo Vitti let go with a half volley beet Jay Nolly but not the Post. The Game went into half time with the score 1-0 Vancouver. 65th minute Pablo Vitti starts a shoving mach in Jay Nolly’s six yard box (or a crease for those of you who do not follow soccer)  after he reapetedly blocked Nolly’s Ability to make a save. Vitti was shown a Yellow card. 81st minute Toure Breaks in on the wing and curls the ball past Greg Sutton to put the icing on the cake. 

Vancouver now has about a 95% chance of going to play teams in Mexico. If they get through all that then they will go onto the club world cup. However Toronto could still go through. But they have to beet the Montreal impact by 4 goals. The Impact have lost all there games in this tournament but defending is there bread and Butter.



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  1. A great soccer blog is made even better with the addition of a fine new reporter. More please.

  2. As a journalist, that is a pretty good piece for that level. Although there are grammar and spelling errors, those can be corrected with time and are less of an issue.

    Structuring the information in a news article in a interesting, comprehensible way is not easy, and it is certainly a skill. Your lede is also very good. A piece of advice I would give is to try and vary the structure of your sentences (a lot of them begin with the minute number)

    Please keep writing.

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