Caps Blow it In Portland

June 1, 2009 at 3:53 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | Leave a comment

A 2-0 loss to Portland showed two alarming aspects of the Caps this season.  Number one, we do not have any potency up front.  Number two, our defence is leaky and disorganized.  

On the defensive side, I only got to see the hi-lights of the game, but Portland were able to have at least three breakaways, one of which resulted in Nolly bringing down a Portland striker in a call which can only be described as bizarre.  More of this later.   After 8 games we now have 8 goals for and 9 against. The fact that our defence is disorganized has shown one of Nolly’s weaknesses: his decision making in coming out for the ball.  This led to a goal against in our contest with Rochester, and led to a goal against Portland last night.   Our back four is too flat, which led to Portland’s getting easily through for several breaks.  The ref made a bizarre decision.  Nolly brought the guy down outside of the box, yet the ref called a penalty.  If Nolly brought the guy down in the box, that is an automatic red card… Even if he brought the guy coming through on his own that is a red card too…  Sometimes the refereeing in the USL-1 makes you scratch your head.  

Our lack of goals is where we are really seeing the effect of the loss of Clarke, Valente and Kindel.   Kindel and Valente could get the crosses in from the left side, and could score goals on their own too. Clarke could be relied upon to score a few as well. Toure and Hirano have not been able to do either. None of our midfielders is a natural goalscorer, so I have no idea where our goals are suposed to come from this year.  It’s beginning to look like Lilleyball! 

Haber is not sharp enough mentally for this level yet.  He is still a step behind and he does not have the strikers timing and instinct that Sebrango or Jordan have.  Gbeke seems to have lapsed back into a slump.   The sooner we get Marlon James back the better.  

Unless we get a new signing or two, I don’t see us being any more than mid-table this year. 

We had really better step up our game if we are going to have any chance at all against TFC on Tuesday night…


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