Champions League: Barcelona Wins

May 27, 2009 at 9:46 pm | Posted in General Football | Leave a comment

What a year for Barca.  They have won all that they could win: La Liga, the Copa Del Rey, and the Champions League Final.   Coach Pep Guardiola must be in seventh heaven.  In his first year of coaching no less!    

Manchester United dominated the first nine minutes of the match, during which Barca barely touched the ball.  In their first real possession, Barca scored through Samuel Eto, who got past Vidic to punt the ball home with his toe beneath a sprawling Van Der Sar.   After this moment, United never recovered, and everything they tried was a failure.  

Alex Ferguson, who is usually a tactical genius, could not conjure up a response.  Every card he played failed.  He brought on Tevez for Anderson.  No effect.  He brought on Berbatov for Park.  Nothing.  He then switched one old boy for another, Giggs for Scholes.  Scholes toughened up the midfield, but his passing skills were nowhere today.  It is interesting to note that Gus Hiddink did a better tactical job in the semi-final than Alex Ferguson did in the final.   Poor Chelsea must be biting their knuckles in despair.  What could have been…

In the 70th minute, an unmarked Messi got in behind Rio Ferdinand to score on a free header.  Both of Barca’s goals came from errors by two of Manchester’s most reliable central defenders.  Mind you, when the people they are playing against are Eto and Messi, they can be forgiven.   

At the end of the day it was the sheer quality of Barca that won the day.  Iniesta and Xavi were fantastic, and United had no answer to them, fruitlessly sending high long balls into the corner into touch or to Barca’s keeper.    

There can be no complaints.  The best team won what was a cleanly officiated game.  

Congratulations Barca on an outstanding season!


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