Last Day Blues: Newcastle Goes Down

May 24, 2009 at 10:05 pm | Posted in General Football | 2 Comments

For years Newcastle fans complained about owner Freddie Shepherd.  They thought he was holding the team back.  Mike Ashley bought the team and showed them what poor ownership is all about. Ashley presided over a poor managerial structure which sewered the teams chances.  He did the team no favours by publicly playing the lager lout in the stands with his Newcastle United shirt on.  The whole thing became a circus when Kevin Keegan left.  Keegan’s replacement Kinear  had heart troubles and had to step down.  Poor Alan Shearer took over with 8 or so games left and had no time to catch up and fix the situation.  I hope that Shearer stays on and learns the ropes in the Championship. If he does I am sure he will take them straight back up. I find it nothing short of astonishing that such a huge club has gone down.  It shows the importance of having a club structure where there is good character from the top down.   Newcastle do not enjoy this, however.

Call me a traditionalist, but when the Premier league is missing Leeds United, Newcastle United and Nottingham Forrest I feel it is a poorer league.  In the Premier league, however, which I feel is the cleanest league in the world which truly operates on the merit principle, I suppose you cannot argue with unattractive, unfashionable teams like Wigan and Hull City staying up. 

I watched a bit of the Hull City man United game and Hull City have a beautiful ground and vocal support.  I suppose I will have to try to be happy for them…  

Let the summer transfer season begin!


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