Toure the Goat: Whitecaps 1 Rochester Rhinos 2

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Poor Ansu Toure: But for his finishing, Toure had a fantastic game.  He played better than he had all season, yet he squandered a chance early in the game when he had a superb opportunity directly in front of the goal that he scuffed wide.  He then missed a crucial penalty late in the game. It was these two misses that basically sewered the game for the Caps.   Had Toure scored early, I doubt that Rochester would have been in the game.  

The Caps were pressing hard early and the Rhinos were looking tired, weak and disorganized.  The Caps were playing the ball beautifully, using both the right and the left flanks at will.  Toure was particularly impressive on the left, and Arze was doing well on the right. 

Our finishing was just as awful as our approach play was superb.  We had a major problem in that the midfielders that started, Toure, Gage, Arze and Nash, are not natural goal scorers.  In the modern game midfielders must score.   The only one of this lot that has any shooting skill is Nash, but he is just as likely to sail it over the bar.  Toure and Gage in particular are woeful at shooting. What shots did get through to Rochester Keeper Vallow last night went straight to his body for easy catches, though to be fair, Vallow made a couple of stupendous saves.  Haber and Gbeke were ineffective and had just a couple of weak headers go wide.

Rochester, with some luck, managed to withstand early pressure and get on top through a corner kick.   Caps keeper Nolly came out halfway for the cross, changed his mind, and looked on from no man’s land as the ball flew gently over his head for an easy goal.  As it turned out, mistakes by the Caps were key to this loss.  

Rochester scored again in the first half from a long ball which was headed down to an unmarked Menyonger at the top of the box which he crashed in on a full volley.  It was a superbly taken goal. The Whitecaps looked on in admiration as they forgot to mark the guy while they were ball watching. Another mistake!

Late on in the second half our hearts were lifted when the Caps were awarded a penalty.  Toure, perhaps hoping to make up for his earlier embarrassing miss, stepped up to take responsibility for the kick.  Where captain Nash was I don’t know, but Toure allowed Vallow to make yet another amazing save to keep the Caps dead and buried.   

By the time Orgill scored in the 88th minute to get the Caps within one, it was too late.   Rather than doing back flips up and down the field, Orgill should have grabbed the ball from the goal and run it to the center line.  We were still losing after all! 

This game should have been a convincing win for the Caps, but mistakes proved our undoing.  The Caps do show great potential but our play in front of goal is abysmal, and surely Orgill must start the next game with Haber on the bench.  

In the meantime Teitur, get some shooting practice going!


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