TFC 1 Vancouver Whitecaps 0

May 7, 2009 at 3:22 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 2 Comments

The ‘Caps first game of the Canadian Championship suffered from a poor start.   The Caps looked sluggish at the outset and gave up an early goal by their former player, Kevin Harmse. By the time the Cap’s finally woke up and started playing it was the 85th minute or so and it was a bit too late.  

The poor refereeing from the Champions League semi earlier today bled into the Caps game when they were denied a clear penalty in the first half.  Marlon James had wriggled free and turned a defender to be clear on goal when a shirt-tug right in front of the referee brought him down in the middle of the box.  incredibly, the ref decided it was not a penalty…  One can only shake one’s head in disbelief!

In spite of the downpour, the ball bounced up and down on the Fieldturf as if it were a basketball game.  That Fieldturf stuff is bloody awful, and I don’t know how we are going to sell the game in North America playing on that stuff.  It is NOT the same game as the game that is played on grass. Save that stuff for the amateurs!  

To be fair, part of the problem was with the Caps poor technique, which made us look like a bunch of amateurs at times.  I counted a number of times where the Caps might as well have been pirates on wooden legs instead of footballers.  At least three times players threw the ball in to a player’s foot only to have the pass back fly over their head or too far away from the player.  This is unacceptable at the professional level.  The Caps shooting was atrocious, with many goal attempts not even remotely close to the target.  Our only good chance fell to Marlon James, whose shot brought a great same from Frei, TFC’s keeper.  

We looked sluggish, at it was clear which team was in better shape: TFC.   To be fair again, TFC has played more matches this season than Vancouver, but professional footballers should be fit even at the earlier stages of the season.   I hope that on the return leg the jet lag will get to TO as it appeared to get to us tonight.   Hopefully our guys will be more match fit as well. 

Generally, the Caps execution was poor tonight. Crosses were poor, and our midfield passing was poor.  It is time for the guys to take more pride in executing plays like professionals instead of like semi-pro’s. That is what makes the difference between the professional player and the amateur: the ability to execute basic football technique at high speed.   If the players want to stick around for MLS they had better sharpen up and raise their game or we will have all new players for 2011!


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  2. ……and if our boys had just gotten of their @sses and played the game rather than whining like a bunch of school yard wusses they might have been in position to take advantage of some great opportunities. Come on, you are big men with great skill… just whine way too much.

    Pitiful. I’m embarrassed

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