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April 30, 2009 at 5:16 am | Posted in General Football | Leave a comment

Being the environmentally responsible fellow that I am, I take public transit to work.   As a guy I know once said, the only problem with public transit is the public…  In order to block out the harsh realities of public transit I distract myself by listening to footy podcasts.   The BBC Radio Five Live has a wealth of them on their site:

There is the BBC World Football Phone-In which includes Sean Wheelock as its North American Correspondent.  Wheelock is a superb reporter with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the MLS and even the USL.  The host, Dotun Adebayo, is a wonderful guy who sounds like he has smoked a million cigarettes, drank a thousand bottles of whiskey,  and is in the later stages of congestive heart failure.   They also have a superb South American Correspondent in Tim Vickery.

Then there is the Five Live Football Daily which will give you erudite commentary by the likes of David Pleat of the matches played the day before.  This show is good for recent matches and events in football.

Then there is BBC World Football.  This is more of an intellectual football show which covers more serious issues in football.   They recently had a very moving and interesting analysis of the Hillsborough Disaster on the 20th anniversary of that tragic event.

For those interested in a talk radio kind of show there is the World Daily Soccer Podcast by Cohen and Hassan.  These guys are more of the shock-jock variety but are very well informed.  They are ex-patriot Brits living in Los Angeles.  These guys are the opposite in attitude to the BBC .  They speak their minds freely and are unafraid to express controversial opinions.  Their daily show is available on itunes.

For a while I listened to James Richardson of the Guardian but I got fed up with his show because he was a bit too perky and had a depressed sounding Irishman with an acute hangover as his sidekick.  There is no doubt the show is quality, but it just is not my cup of tea.

All in all, these shows have saved me from going bonkers on public transit.  A very valuable service indeed. Check them out!!!


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