Another Red Devils Miracle!

April 6, 2009 at 4:49 am | Posted in General Football | 2 Comments

I must admit I am a bit of a closet Manchester United fan.   Whereas I will always cheer for West Ham when West Ham play Manchester United,  they are not really in the same league.   I suppose I am really a Sir Alex Ferguson fan because I think he is the best in the world.  He has a fantastic ability to spot and utilize talent.   He also knows the best time to blood new talent.  Just look at today.  With 30 minutes left, Sir Alex’s team was down 1-2 at home.  Aston Villa looked like winning and the Red Devils looked down and out.  Who does Sir Alex put on?  An unknown Italian 17-year old called Macheda who ultimately scores the winner for Man U in extra time after Ronaldo drew Man U level.  I have seen Man U do this so many times over the years it is astonishing.  That they did so today with so many key players out with injury is simply amazing.  

Manchester U has produced so many instances of fantasy football in their history that it is hard not to like them.  That so many of these  moments have happened under Sir Alex is no coincidence: he is a football genius.



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  1. After reading your article and carefully considering you detailed arguments, I have reached a logical conclusion to your hypothesis…


    Hope you are well…see you at the Caps’ opener!

  2. Hey there! Looking forward to seeing you and you Missus!!!

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