Got my Season’s Tickies!

April 4, 2009 at 2:02 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2009 | 2 Comments

I popped by the Caps office yesterday to get my season’s tickets for this year and walked away rather sheepishly with my bag of goodies provided by the Whitecaps as a treat to the long-time season’s ticket holders.  

When all of the people who have now jumped on the bandwagon sit along side of us at BC Place we long-time supporters will be able to regale them with tales of the pre-MLS days.   Standing behind the goal at Swanny, we  kept the faith while it just wasn’t good enough for the Euro soccer snobs!  We stood in the rain with no cover over our heads…and we liked it!!!   

The Caps season ticket holders were invited at 10 AM.  I got there a bit early but there were numerous other keeners waiting to take their white paper shopping bag with the blue wrapping paper stuffed into it. There was a free toque bearing the Whitecaps name and a 35-year anniversary pin inside.  Bonus!  

I am starting to get that pre-season anticipation going… I can’t believe it is just about to start.



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  1. Hey, is there any Vancouver Whitecaps soccer fans website at all?

    I love soccer and just moved to Vancouver and want to meet fellow Vancouver Whitecaps soccer fans and make some friends. I would like to go to soccer games (every game) with a bunch of soccer buddies……

    any ideas or suggestions? Thanks! John

    • If you search the net for “southsiders” and “Whitecaps” you will find the fansite which is full of very up to date info and lots of editorial comment with respect to the Whitecaps. If you want to meet the real fans, simply buy a ticket and come stand behind the South goal at Swangard Stadium.

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