What about the Stadium?

March 23, 2009 at 2:20 am | Posted in Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium | 3 Comments

Now the Caps are in the MLS, one could not be faulted for asking “what happened to Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium?”   The Caps signed a 5 year commitment to play in a refurbished BC Place stadium. Does this mean the dream of a soccer specific waterfront stadium is dead?   Certainly it is not.   Part of the issue with the Caps political difficulties with the city and the federal government (and the Federal Port of Vancouver) was that the Caps were playing in a small league with little public profile.  Even still, public support for Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium was still high.   The fact that the Whitecaps will be in the big league MLS will certainly give the team much more political pull with both the City of Vancouver and the Federal Government, with whom the Caps must  make a deal in order to swap land for a stadium.   

In any event, there is plenty of time to build up good will and to win over fans in the city, province, and country to rally the new stadium effort.   Toronto is already talking of expanding their new stadium to a capacity of 30,000 or so.   

So many of our dreams have been answered recently.  It seems greedy to ask for more.  For now, it is BC Place, but five years from now perhaps it will be in a Soccer specific stadium with a beautiful grass pitch…



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  1. I’m starting to wonder if it will ever happen. Remember Kerfoot was going to fund this stadium for the USL-1 Whitecaps. Now that the team is going to MLS with all of it’s costs I wonder if the stadium will be put on the back burner. Another thing to consider is the increased costs for an MLS size waterfront stadium. The USL-1 Waterfront stadium was going to seat 15,000. They certainly will need at least 10,000 more seats for the team now that they will be in MLS. That will increase costs immensely.

    I hope they can still pull it off though.

  2. No doubt increased cost is a problem. All along I think the Whitecaps had in mind MLS in building the stadium. I suppose the hope is that we now have a larger ownership group. Previously Kerfoot was going to build the stadium all on his own, but with a few more super rich chaps on board it might well be possible. I still dream of that natural grass surface!

  3. The stadium proposal always had 30,000 in mind. Throughout (and it’s included in the docs) they said 15,000 but expandable up to 30,000. Of course since it has only ever been a proposal to date they could start at any reasonable number.

    Bear in mind that with the costs of building your own stadium you also get all the revenue, control of dates, etc., something that they will not get at BC Place on a lease.

    I’m with you on the real grass thoughts.

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