Whitecaps to get New Name?

March 20, 2009 at 3:34 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps | 2 Comments

When Seattle first got into the MLS they had people vote on what the name of the club should be.  This was a bit of a publicity stunt, as the name Sounders was overwhelmingly desired by the fans.  I personally hope that we don’t go through the same thing here.   The name “Whitecaps” should not be put in peril for the sake of a publicity stunt. It will win overwhelmingly in any event.  So why do it?  

Personally I am looking forward to see what Adidas will do with our traditional uniform.  I love the new Sounders kit, though I hate to give credit to the Sounders in any way…


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  1. They should keep the Whitecaps name. Too much history behind it to go with anything else.

    As far as the unis, they should bring back the classic kit. Even if they use the classic 1979 logo as a secondary mark, the classic kits would rock!

  2. I don’t think that when the Sounders did the poll that it was a publicity stunt. They honestly thought that they’d have to use a new name to distance themselves from the poorly drawing USL Sounders that many in Seattle considered “too minor league.” Hence they wanted to go in a different direction. However they learned that the fans didn’t care for a new name, all they wanted was the same named team playing in a more professional league.

    In Vancouver’s case they are using this as a marketing gimmick, a very weak effort by the marketing group that is basically using the idiots guide to marketing. Everyone knows that the Whitecaps is a storied franchise and wants the name to continue. In Portland they realize this and have already announced they will be using the same storied “Timbers” name when they move up. In Vancouver it seems the marketing department (surely fresh out of college and underpaid) doesn’t understand.

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