Beckham: Pearls Before Swine!

March 15, 2009 at 1:28 am | Posted in General Football | Leave a comment

I wonder where all of those people who said that Beckham was washed up when he went to the LA Galaxy are now?   Two years later and he is starting with AC Milan.   Cynics may say it is down to marketing, but a team like Milan does not play someone for marketing purposes.  

The fact that Beckham is now starting with AC Milan demonstrates to me how the MLS really mishandled the whole Beckham situation. Beckham was a big winner his whole career, yet he ends up on a very poor LA Galaxy squad.   It was the equivalent of putting Beckham on Stoke City…   It is tough to get a guy on the hi-lite reel when his team is losing so often.  With the Galaxy doing so poorly, you can excuse the less knowledgeable for saying “what’s the fuss about Beckham?”.  Had he been on a good squad his impact on the sport and his happiness in the MLS would have been greater.    Perhaps the MLS is trying to stay away from the NY Cosmos model for cost reasons, but if the MLS had a Cosmos that would have been the best place for Becks to make an impact.

I hope that Beckham will make good on his ambition to buy an MLS franchise once his career is done.  His impact and association with the league as an owner may well be greater than as a player.


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