Still No Explanation… (Clarke, Kindel, Valente)

December 15, 2008 at 2:21 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2008 | Leave a comment

The Province broke the story of the year end meeting which caused the split between the trio and Thordarson.   Apparently issues and complaints had arisen during the year which were expressed again by the players at a year end meeting.   

Sadly, it looks a bit like 1979 when the Caps won the championship and then the players and management fell out over bonus payments.  The NASL gave bonuses for winning, but the team failed to match the bonuses, which was the tradition in England, or so the story goes.  A huge fight broke out and the team was just not the same in the 1980 season, with Ball and Willie Johnston leaving part way through the season.  

This time the Caps all got generous bonuses from the team, but still fell out!  To the fan it all looks very odd considering the team did so well.  We won the playoff championship and missed out on the points championship by one point.  What is to complain about?  Clearly Thordarson’s methods paid off, though he nearly threw it all away in the quarter final against Minnesota with some reckless substitutions.   

I find it very odd indeed that the trio who had been through a number of managers and owners including the very difficult Coach Bob Lilley  could not take Thordarson’s methods.   It would be great to find out what the disagreement or the actual philosophical differences were…  I am sure it will come out eventually, but for now it is all very unsatisfying…


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