Core of Team Gutted! Valente, Kindel, Clarke Gone!

December 9, 2008 at 4:45 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2008 | 1 Comment

There was a shock announcement today from the Whitecaps that the team will not be offering contracts to Steve Kindel, Jeff Clarke and Alfredo Valente.   With Sebrango gone, the core of our team has been gutted.   For the long time fan like myself, this is a tough one to take. It indicates a clear direction from the team that its goal will be youth development from now on.

The tri0 have been the center of our team and I have loved watching them toil on behalf of the Caps for years now.  Of the three, I thought Kindel was starting to slip a wee bit, Valente was inconsistent with flashes of brilliance, but Clarke still was great and consistent.  All three started the final game and it was their experience which gave us the 2008 championship.  The reason given for the break with these players was “philosophical differences”, which is code for “we’d rather not say”.   

The team stresses that it will be bringing up young players to make up the squad.  I think that  Moose, Trafford, Gage, Edwinin-Bonsu and Orgill will be taking on starting roles next year. There could be no doubt that if the Caps get an MLS franchise it will be past the trios best playing years when and if the franchise comes to town.  

No player lasts forever at any team, but these guys have been a joy to watch over the years for the 86ers and the Whitecaps and have been the very heart of our football team. This is a sad day indeed. 

We can only say “thank-you” for the great efforts and for two championships which were won on the sweat and toil of these local heroes.  

It is my hope that the three will stay on at the club in some capacity.  Because of “philosophical differences” however, this may be a shallow hope indeed.


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