Sam Sullivan Goes to NYC; Gregor Robertson at Semi-Final

October 9, 2008 at 4:17 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium | Leave a comment

Good for Sam Sullivan for going to NYC to support the Whitecaps bid.  He went yesterday to talk to Don Garber, who is the commissioner for the MLS.   There is not doubt that this will help the bid.  Sam’s greatest moment was when he waved the Olympic flag in Torino as Mayor of Vancouver.  It was an inspiring and emotional sight to see a man in a wheelchair waving the flag.  It was a human triumph.  I think it was taken as such by people who watched it, and I think that perhaps Garber was watching.  Lets hope so.  From what I read, Sam got his pitch right, especially with respect to the fact that Vancouver is a diverse community and that many of its communities come from places where soccer is a consuming passion.

Speaking of politicians, I saw Gregor Robertson, candidate for Mayor of Vancouver, at the game on Sunday.  Apparently he is quite a footy fan. He certainly is an impressive physical specimen and has the same physical build as Omar Jarun. I think we should put him on as a centre-back!  Sadly, he does not seem to be on board for Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium.  He feels the stadium should be built on False Creek Flats.  We are well beyond the point where this is a viable option.  Robertson should get behind the Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium and make sure that it works for everyone involved as it certainly can.   The majority of people in Vancouver want to see it work, so get behind it, Gregor!!!  Lets hope he was inspired by the ‘Caps heroic semi-final win over Montreal…

Here is the Province’s story on Sam visiting Garber:


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