Montreal Impact 1 Vancouver Whitecaps 0

October 4, 2008 at 3:38 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2008 | 2 Comments

Oh, well, I suppose I could dream about the Impact being tired from their road trip to Honduras on Wednesday, but they beat us 1-0 in any event.  The score is not so bad, but there is no doubt that Sunday’s second leg will be a tough fixture. Montreal are very solid in defence.  If the pitch at Swanny is heavy, and still has not recovered, we could be in real trouble.  A heavy pitch suits a defensive team, and Montreal is very well organized in this way.  I think we are good for one goal, but will our leaky defence hold up?  The fan in me says the team will win, but the footy analyst thinks we are up against it.  We will need a bit of footy magic from someone to get through to the final.  Eddie Sebrango, we need you to have a great game.  It will take a heroic effort, and I hope the Caps have it in them.  C’mon Whitecaps!!!



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  1. hey man.

    best of luck against the impact. it’s really unfortunate when the officiating effects a match like it did last night.

    ben @ tfc connected.

  2. Some refs like to be the star of the show. I did not see Nolly strike out at anyone. He was the one who got clattered by the Montreal striker! The ref should have just cooled everyone down and played on.

    It was great playing you guys in the Canadian championship. The return leg was the best match all year and the best appreciated by the fans. Look forward to many more…

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