West Ham, Newcastle both collapse…

September 13, 2008 at 7:44 pm | Posted in General Football, Hammers | Leave a comment

Is it any wonder that both WHU and Newcastle lost their games after the calamities of last week.  All of the turmoil off of the pitch surely affects what happens on it.  I saw a bit of Hull-Newcastle, and I have never heard the Newcastle fans so quiet.  I am sure this is some form of protest against Ashley and Wise.

 I have not seen the West Ham game, but giving up three goals may be a sign of the future given Zola’s plan to play attacking football.

WHU do not have the players to play attacking football.  The flair players are constantly on the treatment table, and the squad is not deep enough to play anything other than defend and counter attack.   To play the kind of football Zola wants takes years to develop.  In my view Curbishley was doing the job the team needed.  His team was solid enough to finish 10th and achieved what it could given the squad he had.  The notion that the team can just snap its fingers and play a totally different game under a new manager is pure folly.  WHU’s fans should have been more patient and the Board should have been more respectful of Curbs wishes because he would have helped build a foundation on which WHU could build to go the next step further.  Curbs may not have been the man to take them further, but he would have kept us in the Premier league and perhaps into the top seven or so given the chance.  

With XL holidays going under, the teams apparent financial crisis deepens.  Things are not looking good and the fans who want champagne football could find themselves watching a relegation battle.  I hope it is otherwise and we will see what Zola can do.  Frankly, it is a huge gamble on a man with little managerial experience.


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