Di Canio manager of WHU?

September 7, 2008 at 6:48 am | Posted in Hammers | Leave a comment

This truly would be fantasy football.  Di Canio truly was a special player, the kind of player that graces a generation and is remembered as a great.  His performance in WHU 2-3 win at Stamford Bridge was one of the most wonderful displays of individual brilliance I have seen on a football pitch (See my earlier entry at the beginning of my Hammer’s writings).  It is rumoured that he was uncoachable and that he would just go out and do what he wanted.  I am surprised that he wants to become a manger!

He is not the right man for WHU becasue he has no coaching experience to offer.  As a club which sees itself as the academy of football, an experienced manager with a brilliant football mind is required.    The Hammers need a Wenger, someone to revolutionize the culture at WHU, which was rather dull under Pardew and Curbishly.   The players need to be loyal to a resepected manager and not see WHU as just a transit club or a place where troubled stars who’s playing careers have gone South try to rehabilitate themselves. 

After they get their manager, WHU needs to sign a captain to lead the team on the pitch.  As it is, there is no leader to inspire the other players. 

Nice try Paulo, but I would love to see you taken on as an assistant coach!!!


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