Curbs Quits Hammers

September 4, 2008 at 3:42 am | Posted in Hammers | 1 Comment

If all of the drama of the past few days has not been enough with Keegan and Man City, now Curbishley has quit the Hammers.  The selling of George “Linda” McCartney was the last straw.  McCartney was a key Hammer last year, and no doubt one of Curbs favourite players.  Losing Ferdinand was the first blow, and the replacements coming in don’t look to be the kind of quality the team is losing.  Curbs kept the team up by using Tevez properly towards the end of the season, and steered the team to 10th in the premiership last year.

I suppose the board must have a star manager in mind and may have been out for Curb’s blood had he not quit.  The fans were not keen on him, because he played a team that did not play the West Ham academy style.  In his defence, he never had the players to do so.

In my view he has been positive for West Ham and has not been given the chance to run the team in his own way.  Had the board been more patient I think the team would only have improved had the Board listened to him.

In any event, thanks to Curbs for saving the premiership status of WHU and getting WHU to its highest point in years.


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