Southsiders and the Fence Issue

August 29, 2008 at 3:58 am | Posted in General Football, Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Season 2008 | Leave a comment

Years ago when we were the 86ers, the Southsiders stood just behind the advertisement boards with no fence to keep us off the field.  I can remember the time when we scored a late goal to eliminate San Diego and move to the semi finals; there was a joyful pitch invasion.   Years later after we became the Whitecaps again. Then a fence was introduced.  The line of the fence has moved backwards and forwards by increments, but now the fence is well back of the goal.  I am not happy about this, but I can well understand why.  The Southsiders have been in the habit of throwing their empty plastic beer containers over the fence towards the pitch.  Some idiots think that they have achieved something by throwing their empty beer cup close or even over the goal line.  On some occasions I have seen lemon aid containers and lemons, tennis balls and pop cans also thrown. It seems like the same idiots who insist on throwing things now are complaining that the fence has moved back.  Truly there are some fools among the Southsiders.  

My view has always been that we should police ourselves and get smart about what we do as the true soccer fans.  The measure of a true soccer fan is not how far they can throw an empty plastic beer cup! I have hoped that security would be beefed up and that those who throw things would be tossed out but I suppose they want to avoid upset.   If you throw something at an English Premiership game and get caught, you will be removed in an instant with no mercy.  The same at the Canucks game.  Why should it be any different at the Whitecaps game?   There should be zero tolerence for this kind of thing.

With the Caps hoping to secure an MLS franchise, they need to project an image of professionalism and demonstrate that they can run a soccer game well.  Piles of empty beer cups behind the goal do not present a good image.  This is why they have sent volunteers to clean them up.

To those who complain about the fence being moved back, why don’t we tell those Southsiders who insist on throwing stuff on the pitch to cut it out?   We have only ourselves to blame.  If we modify our behavior, we might get the fence moved back to where we want it to be.


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