Paris SG 1 Bastia 1: Ronaldinho

August 20, 2008 at 4:58 am | Posted in Games In My Travels | Leave a comment

What was remarkable about this match was that I got to see Ronaldinho play for PSG.   He pulled out many a trick from his bag, but not to any great effect.  Bastia is just a little team from the island of Corsica, yet the sleeping giant PSG could not break them down.   It was really a victory for the little band of traveling fans from Corsica, who celebrated with the Bastia coach after the match.  Bastia went ahead through Lillian Laslandes, that great french striker I had seen a few years earlier for Bordeaux.   He scored a true poacher’s goal in close.  

PSG, coached by French world cup legend Luis Fernandes, eventually equalized after sustained pressure in the second half.  The crowd was very frustrated up to that point, especially with PSG’s habit of playing the ball backwards rather than forwards. 

Ronaldinho hit the bar early with a cheeky chip, but his influence waned as the match went on.  He was a bit of a showboat, and Barcelona really harnessed his power in the next few years to make him fit within a team.  

It was quite a good match with lots of close calls and a superb performance by Bastia’s goalkeeper.  There was even a fracas at the end of the match as the players mouthed off at each other when they were leaving the pitch…


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