Vancouver Whitecaps 1 Charleston Battery 1

July 24, 2008 at 4:55 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2008 | Leave a comment

A game of two halves.  The Caps were as flat as a pancake, and certain players did not derserve to wear the jersey.  We have the tendency to give up early goals at home and we did it again, going down 0-1.  Our players have to show they other team that this is our home park.  The Caps are playing as if they are playing away.  Have some pride in the jersey and our home park!!! Addlery was pathetic again and plays like he does not care.  The team improved when Gbeke came on in the second half.  

Valente was the star, though.  He came on in the second half and was an immediate threat, getting the ball and swinging dangerous crosses in from the left.  Why Arze is playing and Freddie is on the bench I don’t know.  

One has to question the logic of bringing on a youngster (who was he???) and taking Sebrango off.  Surely we could have kept Sebrango on and had Jordan play in the pocket behind Gbeke and Sebrango.  Instead we moved Freddie from the left to the right and neutralized him in the process.  Teitur, what were you thinking? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Had we left Freddie there I think we had the chance to take the game.  

It was great to see Gbeke score the equalizer.  He deserved it and he has matured as a player.  If Teitur is smart he will bench Addlery and start Gbeke and Sebrango up front.  Jordan should come on as a “super-sub”.  Addlery should be fourth in line to play in my opinion.  Arze continues to disappoint. He should be understudy to Valente, who really deserves to start the next match.  

Move Clarke up to mid and start Charles and Jarun as center backs…

The Caps have got to play with more passion.   When they played TFC they played very intensely, but they are just not getting up for games against the likes of Carolina and Charleston.  There is no excuse and it is time to start benching the new prima donnas (Arze and Addlery)!


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