Vancouver Whitecaps 1 Carolina Railhawks 1

July 14, 2008 at 5:01 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2008 | Leave a comment

A bit of a dull match really, with the Railhawks defending and scoring on one of their few chances.  The game did not have the intensity and passion of the TFC match.   The Whitecaps had the potential to set up chances but seem to have trouble getting decent crosses into the box.  Nash, Arze and Martin were three offenders who were getting into good crossing positions and then failing to deliver a dangerous cross into the box.  There is really no excuse for not getting a quality cross in from professional players.  Goals come from crosses, and is there any wonder the Whitecaps are not scoring goals recently.  Gbeke got his first chance and looked dangerous, better than Addlery who just does not seem to know what to do with the ball, has no touch and times his runs poorly.  He was through clear on goal in the first half, forgot he was a striker, and decided to cross to an invisible teammate rather than shoot. I think Gbeke must start the next game.  

Charles from St Vincent & Grenadines had his first run out and looked very solid out there.  If we get him up and running we can put him back with Jarun and get Clarke back up to central midfield where he belongs.   If we get Clarke back to midfield our approach play into the final third of the field will improve.  Arze needs to make better use of the ball.  He tends to lose it by trying to dribble rather than passing.

Once again it was the evergreen 35 year old Eddie Sebrango who saved us from losing with another cool finish on a break-away run.  We are lucky we have this guy, he is truly special!    

The game proves that there are no easy games in the USL division one and there really seems to be parity in the league.  Any team can beat any other team on any night.  There is a great amount of fitness and athleticism in the league but the skill is not quite at the level of the athleticism.  I was hoping the Caps would come out as a super team and dominate the league, but it looks like a tough slog all the way.

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