‘Arry gets some glory (and Kanu too!)

May 18, 2008 at 5:22 am | Posted in General Football, Hammers | Leave a comment

Congratulations to Harry Redknapp and Pompey for winning the Football Association Cup in Great Britain over a courageous Cardiff City.  I thought that Pompey would not last for more than a season when they came up but now they are a very solid side indeed, built mainly of cast-offs and older players who still have have something to prove: Kanu, David James, Sol Campbell, Glen Johnson, Pablo Mendes, etc.   They guy who masterminds it all and makes them play above themselves is Harry Redknapp (‘Arry).  He has been working away doing glorious things with smaller clubs.  He has a talent of getting these small teams to play beyond themselves.  He has also been the subject of controversy and police attention over alleged “bungs”, money allegedly given as a bribe to him for player transfers.  Nothing has stuck so far, however. Arry coached West Ham for a few glorious years and the most stupid thing they ever did was to sack ‘Arry.  

It was also great to see Kanu get some glory late on in his career.  He has been a terrific player to watch with Ajax, Arsenal, WBA and now Portsmouth.  He only scored seven goals all season but two of those came in the final and in the semi-final of the FA cup- both winning goals.  Well done Kanu and hope to see you next year!


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