Go Larry Go!!!

April 30, 2008 at 4:58 am | Posted in General Football, Vancouver Whitecaps, Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium | 1 Comment

 The Vancouver Port folks have broken their own rules by breaking the silence around the negotiations over a land swap to provide the needed space for Whitecaps Waterfront Stadium.  It has been quite acrimonious between the Caps and the feds but I think things needed to be brought to a head.  At certain points in negotiations there needs to be a show of emotion in order to wake people up so that they focus on making a deal.  Otherwise “surface bargaining” can occur where parties go through the motions at the table without making the decisions they need to make to get a deal done. 

Sadly this whole thing simply reminds all of us in the West how far away Ottawa is.  The Vancouver Port bureaucrat’s masters are back in Ottawa, safely hidden away from the glare of any political backlash.  It is time for the Bureaucrats to wake up and smell Vancouver’s freshly brewed coffee.

How quickly things moved when Toronto wanted a stadium, and how open were the Federal, Provincial and Municipal purse strings…  Here we have Mr Kerfoot, who is willing to foot the bill for the stadium and it is amazing how miserable people will invent roadblocks to put in his way.   

The only politician in Ottawa who will put his neck out there for the stadium is Larry Campbell, god bless him.  Libby Davies is not doing anything to help. She simply parrots anti-stadium lines fed to her by manufactured “grassroots organizations”.  Surely Larry was the best mayor vancouver has had in recent memory.   Vancouver’s loss is Ottawa’s gain.  If anyone deserved to sit in the senate it is Larry.  Larry was willing to cut through the political correctness crap when he saw a good thing for the city.  He was willing to call a flake a flake (there are so many in this city) and let the cards fall where they may.  Oh, for a politician with guts!  Larry should be appointed mediator to get it done.

 Sadly the Stadium issue so far has seen a good thing buried in gutless politicians and their inpenetrable phalanx of soulless bureaucrats.   Ah, the mire of Canadian federalism and Vancouver municipal politics.   I will vote for Ghengis Khan in the next municipal election if he will only push for the stadium! 

Hopefully the acrimony of recent days will galvanize the negotiations and get the parties going again.

Go Larry Go!


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  1. Well said, the Campbell vs Davies perspecte was very enlightening. Keep up the good work. Be careful what you wish for… Ghengis Khan may be on the ballot. There are usualy about 80 candidates for mayor.

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