Vancouver Whitecaps 0 Minnesota 1

April 27, 2008 at 11:35 pm | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2008 | Leave a comment

A dissapointing loss for the Caps who never really got a grip of this game.  The first half was a bore with hardly anything of interest occurring as the teams cancelled each other out.   The Caps had a hard time breaking down Minny’s squad which was intent on one thing: defending for a 0-0 draw.  They would have succeeded if not for Hirano’s givaway early on in the second half which gifted Minny the win with a penalty.  It was an abysmal error by Hirano who made several bad mistakes and looked as though he was shocked to find himself on a soccer pitch from time to time.  Wake up Hirano.   Nash played poorly and seems to take refuge in hoofing the ball long distances instead of finding people’s feet with short passes.   The service to the strikers was poor, and we seem to have a problem getting good quality crosses into the box.   We had a problem getting players into positions where they could cross the ball as the approach play was predictable and easily read by Minny’s defense.  Sad to say but it looked suspiciously like Lilleyball.

It was great to see Jordan playing and he looked dangerous on several occasions.  I felt Sebrango should have done better with the few chances he had. 

The pitch was in terrible shape… I have never seen Swanny’s grass covered with craters before, so what the City of Burnaby has been doing to it I have no idea.  It looks as though they held the Burnaby open golf tournament on it because it is covered in divots and the grass is too long.  We cannot play the attacking soccer we want on such a pitch.  I think this is why we are hoofing it long. 

I was a bit disappointed in Jarun who came on and for all of his massive size and height could not win a header.  He was brought on to try to win some headers in Minny’s 18 yard box, but I did not see him win more than one.

I think the two week layoff left the guys feeling sleepy.  Preparation for this game was poor, and the Caps should have been as fresh as daisies against a team which just played a few nights before.  All credit to Minny, they stole a game which should have been ours…


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