Portland Timbers 3 Vancouver Whitecaps 0

September 17, 2007 at 2:39 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2007 | Leave a comment

Well, thats it for 2007…  I can’t say I am surprised, because the Whitecaps have not been a good team this year, to put it simply.  I had high hopes for this year after the Championship.  I had hoped that the Caps would get stronger and win the league and then at least reach the playoff final to defend their championship.  Instead, they have finished 7th in the league and been dumped out of the Playoffs in the first round, with ex-Whitecaps playing key roles: Wicks in goal, Thompson at center back and Gregor in midfield.  

The season began well but took a turn for the worse when goalkeeper Tony Caig left the team.  A good goalkeeper is the anchor of the team, and three goalkeepers  stepped up to the plate but failed to fill Caig’s boots.   The bottom fell out of the team and then the great goal drought began…

Then there was the trade with Montreal: Gjertson and Testo for Marcina and Ze Roberto. The trade did no good and it really can’t be said that either player made an impact for the Caps.  Ze Roberto looks the better of the two and still might be a good signing. 

It is difficult to say what the solution is, but I must say I am tired of the style we are playing.  It has been bloody awful to watch.  We have a Stuart Pearce but we need a Sven Goran Erickson!  It is not surprising that there were many empty seats at the game on Friday night because the footy has not been entertaining.  I will watch anything because I am a fanatic, but many fans who are not so keen on the game want to see a good spectacle.  Lillyball is boring to watch.  We have watched it for three years and I think both the fans and the players are fed up.  It brought us a championship, for which we are all grateful, but we want what Ruud Gullit promised Newcastle fans: sexy football!  I don’t mind losing a few games because we are attacking to score lots of goals.  Time for a new approach.   Watching footy which has as its basis the philosophy that “if you work hard enough goals will come” is just no fun anymore.  Lets get a coach who can inspire the players to enjoy themselves and to entertain the fans with attractive soccer.

One of the big mistakes was with respect to player signings.  We needed to sign better players in the off season.  The players we signed by and large did not take the team to a higher level.  They are good players and good athletes, but the focus should not be on filling places but getting the best players.  We did not do this, the team got stale, and we have seen the results…

I believe the Under 20 World Cup break had an impact on the team too, with a long road trip and no home games for an extended period of time.

Just my thoughts, but it has been a frustrating season for a Whitecaps fan: the team was mediocre to poor, and our stadium plan is bogged down in red tape… 

The best thing about this year was the Under 20 world cup which was spectacular and inspiring to see…  

Long live footy and roll on Whitecaps 2008! 

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