Bob Lilley

September 2, 2007 at 3:24 am | Posted in Whitecaps Season 2007 | Leave a comment

I should not complain: I asked for Bob Lilley to be brought to Vancouver so that we could win a Championship: he came, and he delivered.   Though his style was successful for us last year, I am finding that the style of play has become boring and predictable.  His philosophy is simple: defence first, and if you work hard enough you will get the chances you need to win.   This is a formula for success, but it is rather boring.  Nor is it really that successful.  I measure success as not just winning the playoffs, but winning the league in points accrued.   Our highest finish in recent memory is 3rd in 2005.   In order to finish at the top of the standings you need a bit of something special.   Our special players, Jordan and Sebrango are unfit due to injury: we lost Gjertson in a trade and gained two more grafters in return.   In the off season we need to sign some special players and get some flair and entertainment back into the Whitecaps soccer.   We need a new Darren Tilley! We might as well take some chances and get back to our old habit of winning 4-1 rather than 1-0!!!  After all, the USL is not the World Cup!!!  C’mon Bob Lilley put some fun back in our game!


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