Greg Kerfoot: Our saviour!

June 4, 2007 at 4:37 am | Posted in Vancouver Whitecaps | Leave a comment

In 2001 the Whitecaps were on the brink of extinction.  All looked lost as the league had taken the team into administration as the previous owner had bailed.  Then a mysterious fellow rode in on his horse and saved the day: Greg Kerfoot.  Apparently he had read an article about the success of the Rochester Raging Rhinos and decided that the Vancouver Whitecaps could be a success.  Like any good businessman, Kerfoot saw that the failing team actually had huge potential if it was done right.  Business aside, Kerfoot also saw a civic duty to help the team as it was a Vancouver institution.  He is every small soccer team’s dream: an enthusiastic owner with the money to spend to send the team to a new level.  This he has done in spades.  Last year’s double with both the men’s and the women’s team winning their respective championships could not have been done without his leadership.  He has built a training facility for soccer at SFU.  Now he intends on building a new stadium to allow the Whitecaps teams and Canadian soccer to grow.  Should we be grateful?  I am, so is my Dad, my brother and sister in law, and their children, all enthusiatic supporters of the Whitecaps.

Here’s to Gerg Kerfoot!!!!


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