Germany v France, WC 1982

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In the 1982  World Cup Semi-final German Goalkeeper Harald Schumacher practically beheaded the French player Battiston when Battiston was through alone on goal, yet was not sent off.   How this happened was inconcievable, as the referee’s view was unimpeded, and the foul was so brutal and blatant.  It was rather similar to the Maradona “hand of God” goal four years later.  It is bizarre how some of the most blatant and repugnant fouls can go unpunished even on the biggest stage of soccer.  Perhaps Platini is right to say we need more refs!  I am still mad about it more than 25 years later.  France should have gone through.  I believe they might just have had enough flair to deal with the Italian juggernaught which eventually won. The French were up 3-1 in extra time when Germany brought on Rummenigge who managed to inspire Germany and bring about a 3-3 draw which lead to penalties.  Schumacher shone and France went down in the penalty shootout.  I can still feel the keen sense of dissapointment.  Perhaps if France had a real goalkeeper they would have gone through.  Jean-Luc Ettori was a bit of a clown who stumbled into the team and was definately the weakest link in the French squad.  

Watching France in 82 was like watching Brazil with Blue shirts on…


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